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Finding a trusted and reliable staffing vendor is key to a company’s hiring success. Conquest Consulting is available to assist you with more than 20 years combined experience in the staffing industry. Whether you need direct hire, contract to hire, or contract hiring needs, our rates are highly competitive, always coming in less expensive than corporate firm rates, and our deliverables and quality of candidates are superb.

What makes us different?

  • Conquest Consulting does not pitch to our clients multiple secrets for recruiting candidates nor do we pitch a reliance on our enormous database of consultants. Our “secret” is knowing how to effectively communicate with prospective job seekers to find out exactly what they are looking for and if they are a potential fit for the role. And, enormous databases are primarily effective for contact information only. Markets change rapidly, employment statuses change regularly and candidate knowledge changes frequently leaving the enormous database antiquated.
  • Conquest Consulting takes pride in building relationships with our candidate and client base. If we do not know the current status of our candidate pool or clients needs, we are not an effective staffing firm. We qualify our candidates by executing thorough phone screening, technical interviews, local candidate personal face-to-face interviews and video conferencing interviews for candidates not local to the opportunity. Also, we visit our clients to understand their working environments, company culture, and to meet with their employees.
  • Conquest Consulting understands technology. We dig deeper into a candidates experience and knowledge base to make sure they are the best fit for the role. If they are not a fit for your role, we let them know and then offer to continue to assist their efforts in finding a matching position.
  • Our company has low overhead and we have not incurred mounting debt. Therefore we pass the savings to our clients.
  • Our rates are highly competitive.
  • Servicing our client base is most important to our success. We firmly believe there is no point in growing our client base if we fail to service properly.
  • Conquest Consulting employs a growing bench of qualified and talented H1-b visa candidates that we can provide to our client base that has approval to utilize for contract hiring

Conquest Consulting is dedicated in helping our client base to focus on their core business while we assist in providing the perfect resources and optimized services. Keeping our clients satisfied with the service is our mission. Finding our candidates that perfect position and keeping our consultants employed is our goal. There is nothing more satisfying than happy candidates and clients.

Company challenges when hiring top-level employees and consultants

  • Companies have been challenged with continuous technological changes, resulting in high demand for highly talented and skilled professionals. Internal staffing and sourcing usually need help with these challenges.
  • HR departments collect many resumes, making it very hard to sort without a firm technical background.
  • Job posting, sourcing, recruiting, filtering resumes, reviewing resumes, interviewing, negotiating offers and hiring can be very time consuming and expensive.

How Conquest Consulting can help

  • Conquest Consulting works closely with our clients in order to fully comprehend employment needs and job requirements
  • We perform crucial technical screening and comprehensive technical interviews
  • Conquest Consulting thoroughly vets candidates and consultants, assists with scheduling interviews, negotiates salaries and makes the hiring process completely manageable and less time consuming

Our areas of expertise includes, but are not limited to the following

  • Hadoop, Big Data, BI , Data Warehousing, Cloud Computing, Storage and Infrastructure (Converged and Diverged) Solutions, Enterprise Architects
  • SAP(All Modules), ORACLE APPlications (All Modules), PeopleSoft (All Modules) and all other ERP application packages
  • Microsoft Technologies that include Share Point, IIS, ASP.NET, .Net, C#, C++, MVC, and System Center, including SCOM, Azure, SQL Server, SCVMM
  • J2EE/Java Technologies including Service mix, Core Java, Hibernate, web services
  • Database Development including DB2, SQL Server, and ORACLE
  • Complex applications of lower level including SNMP, IMPI, C
  • Linux, Cisco, web server, web application, UI, storage engineers, mainframe, networking, help desk, technicians, technical support, customer service
  • Telecommunications, mechanical/electrical/chemical engineering and semiconductor.
  • PM’s, CXO level